Wood Floor Sanding

Searching for wood floor sanding in Staten Island, Manhattan NYC or nearby NJ? You have found one of the most experienced and professional hardwood floor companies in your area. Artistic Wood Flooring and refinishing has been installing new hardwood floors and restoring old wood floors since 1980.

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Hardwood floor sanding basics

Hardwood floors that are scratched and abused can be refinished to look like new again. But make no mistake, wood floor sanding is not a project for your average Do-it-Yourself DIY weekend project. The machine used to sand wood floors is a powerful drum belt sander that uses course grade sandpaper.

Drum Floor Sander

You can rent a wood floor sander at Home Depot or your local equipment rental store. However, you can also ruin your wood floor if you don’t know what you are doing. A professional wood floor sander needs an experienced operator with a smooth hand and light touch at the controls. A sanding machine as aggressive as a belt sander can leave uneven divots and ripples in your hardwood floor.

Drum Floor Sander by Bona at Home Depot

Floor Sanding Techniques

Pull the drum sander carefully across the room, backwards. Only go with the grain of the wood, one length of the room at a time. Slowly move back from a wall while smoothly lowering the drum sander to make contact with your wood floor.

Don’t drop the drum lever down abruptly as you start sanding. Otherwise, you will dig out a starting “trench” in your wood floor in the same spot along the wall. Same thing goes for when you get to the other side of the room. Before you feel your back against the wall, feather up the drum as you finish the “run” across the room. If not, you will leave another “trench” in your hardwood floor at the other side of the room.

Speed of Movement

Your speed must remain slow and consistent to remove an even layer of wood from your floor. As you move backwards around the room with the belt sander, maintain the same speed. This will remove an even layer of material when sanding a wood floor.

Can you see the damage to the wood floor in the photo below? This was caused by unexperienced wood floor sanding. We sanded this floor over and repaired the damage.

hardwood floor sanding damage

How many times can you sand a floor?

Wood Floor refinishing

A hardwood floor can be sanded quite a few times before it needs to be replaced. A properly maintained wood floor can last a lifetime or more. The best way to tell if your wood floor can be sanded again is to measure the depth. Or you can call a local hardwood floor company near you. If you are located in Staten Island, Manhattan NYC or in nearby NJ, Artistic Wood Flooring & Refinishing will come by your home or business for a fast, free and friendly estimate. Call me, Robert Tuccillo, owner-operator, and I will personally come by to examine your wood floor. Call me at (718) 983-6341 or click here to fill out online a FREE WOOD FLOOR ESTIMATE request.

AT Artistic Wood Flooring we consider each and every floor like a work of art.