Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service

Are you searching for a hardwood floor cleaning service in Staten Island, NYC or NJ? Artistic Wood Flooring & Refinishing, Inc. provides hardwood floor cleaning in these service areas. Call us at 718-983-6431 if you need your wood floors cleaned, buffed and polished so they shine like new again. Or CONTACT US online.

Hardwood-floor cleaning service

Some hardwood floors may need more than a cleaning. If the finish on your wood floor is badly worn, they may need to be sanded down to bare, fresh wood and refinished. The good news is that when your floors are refinished correctly they will shine for many years to come. Most homeowners only need to refinish their hardwood floors once in their lifetime.

Can your wood floor be cleaned?

How do you know if your wood floors need to be cleaned or refinished? Determine if they are merely dirty, or is the varnish worn off showing bare wood? Does water bead up on your floor or does water soak into the wood? Does your wood floor have scratches, claw marks, dents or dings? Has a pet urinated on your wood floor and you can’t get the smell out? It is best to have an experienced wood contractor take a look at your floor. Click here to schedule a FREE ESTIMATE or call us now at 718-983-6341

Artistic Wood Flooring & Refinishing has been a wood floor contractor in Staten Island NY for over 40 years. We are owner-operated. This means we offer hands-on, personalized service. If you only need a hardwood floor cleaning service that is what you will get. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are proud of all the good reviews we get and appreciate those who have trusted us with the care of their wood floors.

Wood Floor refinishing

Wood Floors are an Asset

Wood floors are a valuable asset in a home. Not only do they look great, they also help raise your home’s appraised value. Consider that keeping your hardwood floors clean and in good shape is an investment, rather than an expense. All of our work is guaranteed to follow the guide of the National Wood Flooring Association.