Hardwood Floor Staining

We offer hardwood floor staining to our service area in Staten Island NY, NYC and NJ. Change the color of your hardwood floors from light to dark or dark to light.

wood floor staining

Minwax Hardwood Floor Stains

We offer many wood floor stain color choices such as these below by Minwax.

Minwax wood floor stain color chart

Bona Hardwood Floor Stains

We proudly offer DriFast Bona Stains. Their hardwood stain color chart is below.

Bona wood floor stain color chart

DuraSeal Wood Floor Stains

We also provide hardwood floor staining by DuraSeal. Their color chart is below…

DuraSeal wood floor stain color chart Staten Island NY NYC NJ

Changing the color of your wood floor is a great way to add value and transform your home while giving it that “new” feeling.

hardwood floor staining-Staten Island NY NYC NJ

Hardwood floor staining is done after your floors are sanded down to fresh wood. Normally the floor is sanded by coarse, medium and fine sand papers and buffers to ensure that the entire surface gets to be the required smoothness. For clear finishes, penetrating sanding sealer is applied as an initial first coat. The stain acts as a sealer and can be used to both seal and stain the floor. When you color-stain a hardwood floor, the stain will serve as a protective sealer. Darker stain will take a much longer time to dry than a lighter stain, depending on humidity level, temperature and air circulation of the area. Normally two or three coats of a quality floor finish is applied after the stain to ensure the best quality.

We offer customer choice of: Oil-based or water-based polyurethane; semi-gloss or high-gloss finish.

wood floor staining

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All of our work is guaranteed to follow the guide of the National Wood Flooring Association.