Wood Floor Repair

Artistic Wood Flooring and Refinishing Inc provides wood floor repair and restoration services from water damage, floods, pet stains, scratches, dents and dings. We also repair fading from the Sun’s UV rays. If your wood floor are cupping, cracking, splitting, warped or buckling call us now: 718-983-6341

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Water Damage

Water damage to wood floors can be caused by the following:

Stains from watering a potted plant sitting on your hardwood floor

This is typically mild damage that may require some sanding and refinishing of the wood floor. The hard part is matching the existing undamaged wood finish around the potted plant stain area. Our wood floor technicians at Artistic Wood Flooring, Inc. are experienced in matching hardwood stain colors and finishes. However, this may be a good time to refinish your hardwood floor. Perhaps you would like to change the color of your wood floor, or change the finish from flat and dull to bright and shiny. If you have more than one stain on your wood floor from watering potted plants, refinishing your whole floor at this time might be your best option.

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We repair flood damaged floors

If your wood floors were exposed to water from a flood from a plumbing leak or worse yet, from a hurricane, storm, or excessive high tide, the wood may be too damaged to be refinished. Call Rob at Artistic Wood Flooring, Inc. for a free estimate: 718-983-6341

We repair pet damage

Pet Urine

We are pet lovers at Artistic Wood Flooring, Inc., however we’ve seen every kind of damage pets can do to wood floors. Unfortunately, dog and cat pee on hardwood floors is a common occurrence. Pet urine can leave a bad stain and odor on wood floors. This typically requires sanding the wood floors and then refinishing. Once the wood floors are properly refinished with a quality wood finish product, they will be protected from pet urine for years to come.

Pet scratches

Dogs and cats love to scratch and gnaw. When they scratch wood floors it can be deep. If the scratches in your floor are not to excessive, we will sand them out and get your hardwoods to look new again with a few coats of protective wood floor finish.

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Repair scratches in Hardwood Floor

Scratched wood floors are quite common. Many we see are from moving heavy furniture or appliances across wood floors. We see less scratches on hardwoods. If you have an older house it’s possible you may have pine wood floors which is a soft wood, but many homes have red oak or white oak hardwood floors which hold up well to scratches. Below is a chart of how hard different types of wood floors are.

Janka hardness scale

If you have scratches in your wood floors, call us for a free estimate and we’ll come to your home to access how to best repair the scratches in your wood floor. Or, maybe you’d like to upgrade your floor to a harder wood, like Brazilian Walnut (Ipe), Brazilian Teak (Cumaru), or Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba). We have many wood floor choices for you. Visit our wood floor products page.

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Cracking, Splitting, Buckling

If your wood floor is cracking, splitting or buckling this is a more serious wood floor damage. These wood floor problems are typically caused by high moisture and/or a huge swing to low, dry humidity. First, we will examine your wood floor to determine the cause of the moisture which can sometimes be under the floor where you may not notice the water infiltration. After the cause of your wood floor damage is assessed, we will carefully cut away and extract all the damaged hardwood planks and replace them with matching wood boards. To complete this type of wood floor repair we will then sand the entire floor to blend the new hardwood planks with the existing floor. Finally, we will stain and seal your wood floor with a few coats of protective floor finish.

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Sun Damage

Wood floors can fade and discolor for the Sun’s UV rays. If your wood floor are damaged from the Sun, it’s often a straightforward fix. First, we sand off the old worn finish, then we seal the wood and coat your floor with a high quality floor covering that is impervious to UV rays. This will keep your wood floors looking like new for years to come.

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