Hardwood Floor Sanding

An experienced contractor should sand your hardwood floor. Yes, you can rent a floor drum sander from Home Depot or any tool rental shop. However, these are aggressive sanding machines that use coarse grit sandpaper spinning at high speeds. The user of a drum sander needs to have a delicate touch, or risk leaving divots or ripples on the hardwoods.

wood floor sanding

A sanding machine removes old layers of finish, scratches, dents, stains and odors. Depending on how bad the condition of the floors are in will determine how coarse the grit of sandpaper. The drum sander must go with the grain of the wood and direction of the boards. An experienced floor sander will move gently and slowly over several passes.

Edge Sanding Wood Floors

Edge Sanding Wood Floors

In addition to using a drum sanding machine, a wood floor contractor will also use an edge sander. This is a smaller, circular sanding machine that sands around the edges of a room, doorways and stairs.

Buffing wood floors

After sanding a floor with heavy-duty machine like a drum sander and edge sander, a floor buffing machine is used. A floor buffer moves in circular patterns using very fine “screens”. These screens sand the wood floor until it is as smooth as silk.

sanded and smooth wood floor

After your floor is sanded, several coats of a water-based or oil based finish will be applied. You can choose satin, semi-gloss or a high gloss shine.

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