Hardwood Floor Installer

When you choose a hardwood floor installer from Artistic Wood Flooring, Inc., you are choosing a professional that has access to the most current information in the industry. We use most technologically advanced prefinished or unfinished hardwood floors and systems, and a wealth of hardwood information at our fingertips.

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Cost to install a wood floor

The cost to install a wood floor is included in the price per sf of the wood flooring you purchase from from Artistic Wood Flooring, Inc.

Choosing the right installer is important for your peace of mind. An installer from Artistic Wood Flooring, Inc. will produce the look you desire and we will follow the correct steps in floor finishing to ensure it remains that way for years to come.

We offer 100% American made hardwood floors from Kentucky Wood Flooring, Appalachian Flooring, or unique wood from South America. Later, we finish the floors with top of the line finishes such as Bona.

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Types of wood floors we install

The different kinds of floors installed by Artistic Wood Flooring, Inc:

  • Nail down (staple down) wood floors.
  • Floating wood floors.
  • Glue down wood floors.
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Custom Installer Design

Choose from hundreds of wood types and layout patterns to create a unique custom wood floor design with our floor design expert.

Custom wood floor install designs are where Artistic Wood Flooring, Inc. really shines. We strive to make the wood floors we install a stunning work of art! Working with your ideas, our wood floor installer will design a custom wood floor. Layouts, borders, unique woods, patterns and laser cut wood floor medallions are available.

A floor installer at Artistic Wood Flooring, Inc., considers floors a work of art. We service Staten Island NY, NYC and NJ. Call now; 718-983-6341, or use this handy online form to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE.