Hardwood Floor Policy

  1. Furniture: We ask the customer to clear the job site of furniture before the appointment. Artistic Wood Flooring will move some light furniture if necessary without charge. We ask you to empty the rooms as much as possible if not completely. If we do have to move items we are not responsible for their accidental damage. We will not move these items that follow: Water beds, pool tables, pianos, grandfather clocks, computers, lamps, books, dishes, pictures, stereos, electrical equipment, file cabinets, stoves, ranges, ice makers, valuables, or any other non-furniture items. We do not disconnect alarm systems, cable or any electrical connections. Customer must also empty out closets that will have new flooring installed.
  2. The Artistic Wood Flooring team can remove carpet at small extra cost.
  3. Appliances: Artistic Wood Flooring is not responsible for disconnecting or reconnecting of any gas, water or professionally installed appliances or fixtures. The customer must make arrangements for a professional to take care of this prior to and after our arrival.
  4. Baseboards: Artistic Wood Flooring is not responsible for damage done. The tools used for proper installation can sometimes scrape or hit the wall. The customer must do any touch up after our services have been rendered. Our installers will of course try their best to cause as little damage as possible.
  5. Doors: Artistic Wood Flooring will usually remove the doors from their hinges to allow proper installation. We will re-hang your doors once the floor is laid if they do not need cutting. Frequently, installation of new carpet or vinyl will prevent doors from swinging or sliding freely. You should have a qualified carpenter cut or shave the doors to fit.
  6. Existing Flooring: Artistic Wood Flooring does not haul away old flooring materials. If requested we can cut up your old carpet into manageable pieces for your own trash hauler to remove them. If removal of an existing floor containing asbestos should become necessary during our installation, customer will have to arrange for this work to be done by a certified abatement specialist.
  7. The wood floor can not be walked on during the refinishing process and at least 24 hours after last coat applied. After 24 hours, light traffic is allowed. Normal traffic is allowed after 48 – 72 hours. Do not slide furniture on the refinished wood floor, lift it into place after 48 hours.
  8. Area rugs can be put down after 14 days on water based finishes and 30 days for all other finishes. Furniture and rugs placed too soon may result in finish or surface damage on the wood floor. Some area rugs and padding may damage or discolor the wood floor finish. This type of damage as well as color change due to aging and intense sunlight in not the responsibility of Artistic Wood Floors – Artistic Wood Floors.

Artistic Wood Flooring is a professional hardwood floor company serving central New Jersey, Staten Island and New York City.

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