Hardwood Floor Design

Artistic Wood Flooring specializes in custom hardwood floor design. Exotic wood, contrasting colors, borders, patterns, laser cut wood medallions will make your new hardwood floor look like a work of art!

hardwood floor design
Hardwood floor design

Hardwood floor wood choices

There are many types and colors of wood you can select to create a custom hardwood floor design. Call Rob to see samples (718) 983-6341 or CONTACT US online.

Wood floor borders

A contrasting hardwood floor edge banding or border is a nice way to dress up a new hardwood floor install. Contrasting colors and different wood can complement each other. Call our hardwood floor designer ROBERT to discuss ideas for your custom wood floor. (718) 983-6341

hardwood floor design

Wood Floor Medallion

Typically a wood floor medallion is installed in the foyer, rotunda or entrance of a home or business.

hardwood floor design

We offer a wide selection of hardwood floor medallions from Oshkosh.

Wood Floor Patterns

When it comes to installing patterns in hardwood floors, trust us when we state choosing the right installer is important for your peace of mind. An installer from Artistic Wood Flooring will produce the look you desire and will follow the correct steps to ensure it remains that way for years to come. The patterns our hardwood floor installer can use include straight, random width, herringbone, chevron and more.

Artistic Wood Flooring specializes in wood floor design. Our service area includes Staten Island NY, NYC and NJ. Call us now: (718) 983-6341

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