Carpet Removal

carpet removal

We provide carpet removal service for customers who want to refinish the hardwood floor beneath the old carpet. We can remove old carpets and refinish hardwood floors, often in 2 days!

If you are in Staten Island, NYC NY or eastern NJ, call Rob at Artistic Wood Flooring now to schedule carpet removal: (718) 983-6341 We will remove carpet without ruining your hardwood floor.

Do you have hardwood floors under your old carpet? If your house, condo, coop or apartment is older then 50 years then there is a good chance you will find beautiful hardwood floors hidden under your nasty old carpet.

Carpet Removal Tips

Start by pulling up a corner of your carpet and look under it to see if hardwood floors are beneath it. If you can, use pliers to grip and pull up a carpet corner. If you have trouble pulling up your carpet, watch this video for some tips how to remove old carpet.

Around the edges of your room below the carpet are carpet tack strips. Be careful of these as they contain sharp points. They hold down carpet but can also cut your fingers or feet. If you see you have old hardwood floors under your carpet, call us. We we will give you a fast, free estimate (718) 983-6341 for hardwood floor refinishing. Or click here to schedule a FREE WOOD FLOOR ESTIMATE and we will come to your location and assess the situation.

Chances are, the old wood floors were covered with carpet for a reason. Perhaps the hardwoods are worn and scrathed. We removed a smelly carpet and restored the hardwood floor below in a house located in Todt Hill Staten Island…

carpet removal services

Artistic Wood Flooring is a professional hardwood floor company serving central New Jersey, Staten Island (we serve a lot of clients in Todt Hill, West Brighton, St. George, Westerleigh, New Springville, Tompkinsville, Great Kills and more!) and Manhattan New York City NY NY.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Our hardwood floor POLICY is here and answers a lot of questions if you would like to read it.